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Who Does What

The information below explains how the Islands Trust staff works with communities and supports Council, Local Trust Committees and Council Committees.  Please also see our organization chart and legislative structure chart.

Local Planning Services

Local Planning Services staff support local trust committees directly and work on a few Trust-wide projects. Planning staff provide research and expertise as well as record keeping and administrative support to local trust committees, enabling the committees to make community-based land use decisions through bylaws, land use applications, resolutions and regularly scheduled business meetings. 

Northern Office

The Northern office provides support for the Local Trust Committees of Denman, Gabriola, Gambier, Hornby, Lasqueti, Thetis and the Ballenas-Winchelsea (Executive Islands) Local Trust Committees.

Salt Spring Office

The Salt Spring office provides support for the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee.

Victoria Office

The Victoria office provides support for the Local Trust Committees of Galiano, Mayne, North Pender, South Pender and Saturna.  The Victoria office also hosts Mapping Services, as well as the CAO's office, HR, Finance and Administration, Legislative Services and Trust Area Services.

Trust Area Services

Trust Area Services staff are located in the Victoria office and support Trust Council, Local Trust Committees, the Executive Committee, the Trust Programs Committee and the Islands Trust Conservancy. This service area is responsible for advocacy, inter-government relations, trust-wide communications and grants administration.

Executive Office

The Executive Office consists of the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Executive Coordinator and the Legislative Services Manager (Corporate Secretary).

Administrative Services

Administrative Services staff are located in the Victoria office and provide support to the Finance Committee. Staff are also responsible for financial management, audit preparation and recordkeeping, information technology, human resources and office support and reception. 

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