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How Do I Care For My Land?

"The islands are famous for their tranquil, beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, and a sense of the past. Conserving these qualities on your property can not only give you pleasure, but will protect the value of your investment and bring you closer to your land and community."

                                                                                                            A Place in the Islands, 2007

New to the islands?

Every year, the unique nature of island communities in the Salish Sea attracts new residents seeking their own special place.  Whether you are a newcomer or seeking a renewed understanding of how to become the best steward for your land, the award winning publication A Place in the Islands is for you.

This publication was produced by the Islands Trust, the Islands Trust Conservancy and the San Juan Preservation Trust, with funding from the Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia and the R. Bruce Bedell Conservation Fund of Washington State. 

If you have an island address, please ask for your free copy by e-mailing us, by calling 250-405-5151 or by visiting one of our three offices.

What can I do?

Are you interested in gardening with native species, rainwater harvesting, protecting against invasive species, or caring for sensitive ecosystems and endangered species?

The Islands Trust Conservancy can help you explore these ways to  protect your land, and more. 

Your local conservancy is also an invaluable community resource to get involved in caring for your land.

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