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Associated Islands in the Islands Trust Area

Most Local Trust Areas consist of a major island and several smaller associated Islands.

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Ballenas Winchelsea (Executive Committee) Local Trust Area

Ada Island

Amelia Island

Ballenas Island

Douglas Island

Gerald Island

Maude Island

Mistaken Island

Ruth Island

Southey Island

Winchelsea Islands

Yeo Islands

Denman Island Local Trust Area

Chrome Islet

Sandy Island

Seal Islets

Gabriola Island Local Trust Committee

Acorn Island

Bath Islands

Breakwater Island

Carlos Island

DeCourcy Island

Entrance Island

Five Finger Island

Gaviola Island

Hudson Rocks

Lily Island

Link Island

Long Island

Mudge Island

Round Island

Santurnina Island

Sear Island

Snake Island

Tugboat Island

Twin Islands

Vance Island

Galiano Island Local Trust Committee

Ballingal Islets

Charles Island

Gossip Island

Julia Island

Lion Islets

Parker Island

Retreat Island

Sphinx Island

Wise Island

Gambier Island Local Trust Committee

Alexandra Island

Anvil Island

Bertha Island

Bowyer Island

Christie Islet

Defence Islands

Echo Island

Franklin Island

Grace Islands

Grant Island

Grebe Islets

Hermit Island

Home Island

Jack Tolmie Island

Keats Island

Little Popham Island

Merry Island

Mickey Island

New Islet

Pasley Island

Passage Island

Popham Island

Preston Island

Ragged Island

Shelter Islets

Small Island

Surrey Islands

Thormanby Island, North

Thormanby Island, South

Tiki Island

Trail Island

Turnagain Island

White Islets

Woolridge Island

Worlcombe Island

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Hornby Island Local Trust Committee

Flora Islet

Norris Rocks

Toby Island

Lasqueti Island Local Trust Committee

Boho Island

Bull Island

Bunny Island

Circle Islet

Fegan Islets

Finnerty Islands

Heath Islet

Higgins Island

Jedidiah Island

Jelina Island

Jenkins Island

Jervis Island

Larson Islet

Lindbergh Island

Olsen Island

Paul Island

Rabbit Island

Round Island

Sangster Island

Sea Egg Rocks

Sheer Island

Shelter Island

Sisters Islets

Mayne Island Local Trust Committee

Curlew Island

Georgeson Island

North Pender Island Local Trust Committee

Arbutus Island

Boat Islet

Brackman Island

Brethour Island

Chads Island

Coal Island

Comet Island

D'Arcy Island

Dock Island

Domville Island

Fane Island

Fernie Island

Forrest Island

Gooch Island

Goudge Island

Greig Island

Halibut Island

Hood Island

Imrie Island

James Island

Ker Island

Knapp Island

Little D'Arcy Island

Little Shell Island

Little Zero Rock

Mandarte Island

Moresby Island

Pellow Islets

Portland Island

Pym Island

Reay Island

Roe Islet

Ruby Island

Rum Island

Sallas Rocks

Sheep Island

Sidney Island

Tortoise Islets

Zero Rock

Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee

Bright Islet

Burial Islet

Channel Islands

Clive Island

Deadman Islands

First Sister Island

Goat Island

Hall Island

Hawkins Island

Idol Island

Isabella Island

Jackscrew Island

Mowgli Island

Norway Island

Patey Rock

Piers Island

Prevost Island

Red Islets

Russell Island

Second Sister Island

Secret Island

Secretary Islands

Shoal Islands

Third Sister Island

Wallace Island

Saturna Island Local Trust Committee

Anniversary Island

Belle Chain Islets

Cabbage Island

Java Islets

King Islets

Lizard Island

Pine Islet

Samuel Island

Trevor Islet

Tumbo Island

South Pender Island Local Trust Committee

Blundon Islet

Skull Islet

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Thetis Island Local Trust Committee

Canoe Islet

Coffin Island

Dayman Island

Dunsmuir Islands

Hudson Island

Kendrick Island

Penelakut Island

Ladysmith Harbour Islands

Leech Island

Miami Islet

Pylades Island

Ragget Islets

Reid Island

Rose Islets

Ruxton Island

Sandstone Rocks

Scott Island

Tent Island

Tree Island

Valdes Island

Whaleboat Island

Woods Islands


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