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Bylaw Compliance and Enforcement

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Each local trust committee is responsible for the enforcement of its land use bylaws.

In most circumstances, enforcement is only undertaken on receipt of a written complaint.  However, if an environmental concern or permitting issue or advertising of an illegal land use is discovered, enforcement may be started without a complaint.  Additionally, some local trust committees have adopted more specific enforcement policies.

Some complaints involve issues that are beyond a local trust committee's jurisdiction (such as building code or noise). In those instances Islands Trust staff help the complainant by providing contact information with the appropriate agency.

Local trust committees make every attempt to resolve the issue through mediation or voluntary compliance.  Court proceedings are always a last resort if all else fails.

For more information on the Bylaw Enforcement process please refer to Bylaw Enforcement FAQ


If you wish to report a violation please complete our online complaint form.


Please refer to the Bylaw Enforcement Notice & Dispute Adjudication System brochure for information regarding Bylaw Enforcement Notification Bylaws.

If you wish to dispute a Bylaw Violation Notice within 14 days of receiving the Notice, please complete our online dispute adjudication form.


How can I contact the Bylaw Enforcement team?

Email:  Bylaw Enforcement

Phone: in Victoria, call 250-405-5175 (Victoria office)
If you are calling from outside of Victoria, call toll free to Service BC Contact Centre and ask to be connected to 250-405-5175.  In Vancouver call 604-660-2421. Elsewhere in BC call 1-800-663-7867.

Or you can send mail to:

Bylaw Enforcement
Islands Trust
Suite 200-1627 Fort Street
Victoria BC  V8R 1H8

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