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Policy Review on Housing Needs

This top priority project will review the Housing Policies section of the Official Community Plan, in an effort to better address the housing needs of Denman Island, in particular as it concerns affordable and special needs housing.

Cooking up Housing Policy: A Forum on Suites & Cottages

  • The Denman Island Local Trust Committee is pleased to announce that the first of two proposed public consultation meetings for the Housing Policies review process has been completed.  The community input received at that meeting was presented to the Local Trust Committee at their October 22, 2013 meeting.  The staff report may be found in the section below.  Subsequent to the LTC review and discussion of the staff report, staff were directed to prepare amending bylaws that would allow for the appropriate implementation of secondary suites and detached secondary dwelling units.  Those two bylaws were subsequently prepared and reviewed by the Local Trust Committee.  A Community Information Meeting (CIM) and Public Hearing have been scheduled for June 10, 2014 to allow for community review of those documents.  Links to the Bylaws and Meeting Notice are below.

  • Housing Needs Bylaw Nos. 210 and 211 and Meeting Notice
  • February 6, 2014 Housing Policy Review Project Charter
  • November 26, 2013 Housing Needs Staff Report
  • August 25 Cooking Up Housing Community Forum staff Summary Report

Denman Island Dwellings - Backgrounder

Relevant Secondary Suite Bylaws & Information from other Jurisdictions

Submissions from Community Groups

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