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Development of an Ecological Protection Zone

In November 2018 the Local Trust Committee (LTC) identified the development of an ecological protection zone for Gabriola Island as a Top Priority for the 2018-2022 term. This project is intended to update the zoning of Coats Marsh and Burren’s Acres Nature Reserve. Staff reports and relevant background information will be posted to this page. For more information on this project please contact or 250.247.2063.

Project Charter

Project Charter V.3

Staff Reports

2019-11-28 - Staff Report

Community Consultation

Information will be added when available.

Proposed Bylaws

Information will be added when available.

Other Documents

N Doe Paper - Coats Marsh and Surrounding Public Lands 

Public Correspondence Received

Please note that correspondence which is deemed to be of a potentially defamatory nature or contains private information will not be posted.


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N Doe
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