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Development Approval Information Bylaw

A Development Approval Information (DAI) Bylaw for Gabriola, Mudge and DeCourcy planning areas is being developed in tandem with the review and updating of development permit area provisions to implement the Riparian Areas Regulation on Gabriola Island and to move the development permit area guidelines from the Official Community Plan to the Land Use Bylaw for Mudge and DeCourcy Islands.

A DAI Bylaw is an administrative bylaw that will implement revised development permit area provisions, and enable the Local Trust Committee to require information from an applicant of a development permit, rezoning or temporary use permit, as to the impacts of the proposed developments.  The aim of the DAI is to establish a clear and transparent standard for the request of this information.  Without a DAI this type of information is often still requested of applicants because it may be necessary for properly evaluating an application, but there is no clear and standard process for the applicant. 

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