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Galiano Island LTC 2014 News

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December 19, 2014 | 2015 Meeting Schedule Adopted

  • The 2015 Galiano Island LTC Regular Business Meeting Schedule is now adopted.  For a printable version, click here. 

December 12, 2014 | LTC Updates

  • After approval by the Minister, the Galiano Island LTC by Resolution Without Meeting, approved Bylaw No. 246 (Groundwater Protection DPA) and Bylaw Nos. 247 & 248 (STVRs). The updated Land Use Bylaw and Official Community Plan can be found under the Bylaws section.  

November 2014

  • The LTC held a Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing for GL-RZ-2013.1 (Landworks) Bylaws No. 244 and 245. The proposed bylaws were given Third Reading and will be forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval. A Development Permit was approved for GL-DP-2014.4 (Ghai).

October 2014

  • A Public Hearing regarding Bylaws 244 and 245 for GL-RZ-2013.1 (Landworks) is scheduled for November 3, 2014. Public Hearing Notice.
  • GL-RZ-2013.1 (Landworks) Bylaws no. 244 and 245 were given Second Reading, as amended, with a community information meeting and public hearing scheduled for the November 3, 2014, business meeting. A third party review will be completed for the draft sustainable forestry covenant for the Landworks application. A community information meeting and public hearing will be scheduled for GL-RZ-2011.1 (GLCHT) when the draft housing agreement is reviewed and revised by the CRD.  

September 2014

  • GL-DP-2013.6 (Landworks) was approved to satisfy the PLA conditions for GL-SUB-2013.1 (Landworks). A 10% road frontage waiver has also given to the Landworks subdivision. A Public Hearing and Community Information Meeting for GL-RZ-2013.1 (Landworks) will be scheduled for the November 3, 2014 business meeting. GL-RZ-2011.1 (GLCHT) bylaw no. 233 & 234 (as amended) were given Second Reading. A Public Hearing and Community Information Meeting will be schedule once a Draft Housing Agreement is received.  The Home-based Contractors Project has been deferred for further discussion until January 2015.

July 2014

  • GL-RZ-2013.1 (Landworks) bylaw No 245 was amended and given second reading to accommodate the identification of the proposed community park through changing the zone to Park Zone.  A Letter of Agreement by BC Parks was agreed to and the Chair was directed to sign.  GL-DP-2014.1 (Olson) was approved to permit the construction of a dock.  GL-DP-2013.2 (Ghai) was approved to issue a development permit to construct a dock.
  • Projects: The Short Term Vacation Rentals (STVR) Bylaw Nos 247 and 248 were amended and given 2nd and 3rd reading.  The Development Permit Area 4 Bylaw No. 246 was amended and given 2nd and 3rd reading.  A Stakeholder Group was appointed to review the Contractor Home Base issue and to report back to the LTC in early fall.
  • The LTC will hold CIMs & PHs within a Special Meeting on July 5, 2014, on proposed Bylaws No. 246, 247, & 248Click here to view the Public Hearing Notice.

May 2014

  • The LTC is seeking expressions of interest for volunteers to participate in a review of the regulations pertaining to contractor home base businesses.  Deadline for submissions is June 27, 2014.
  • The LTC gave first reading to amended bylaws associated with the STVR project.  A public hearing will be scheduled in July. Application GL-DVP-2013.1 was approved with amendments and GL-RZ-2013.1 was given further consideration.  The  revised Development Permit Area 4 proposed bylaw was given first reading (to be posted) and a fact sheet will be delivered to property owners impacting this area.  The LTC approved the project charter addressing Contractor Home Base businesses, approved a focus group terms of reference, and requested that staff advertise for focus group members.

April 2014

  • The LTC addressed various development permits and rezoning applications including closing GL-RZ-2004.6.  Staff was directed to draft bylaws associated with the STVR project and, create a draft project charter and terms of reference for the establishment of a focus group to address Contractor Home Base uses.  A Standing Resolution was added permitting the LTC to ask for a community test well as a possible community benefit. 

March 2014

February 2014 

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  • The LTC gave 3rd reading, as amended, to Bylaw 241 and referred it to Executive Committee.  Staff was directed to develop a project charter for the Ground Water Development Permit Application project.  Staff updated the LTC on the STVR project and a presentation was received on eel grass mapping

January 2014

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