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Galiano Island LTC Telecommunication Strategy

The objective of this project is for the LTC to review telecommunication options, including policies for telecommunication towers on Galiano Island, and to create a special APC to develop recommendations for telecommunication consultation procedures.

Project Charter

Antenna System Protocol to be presented at September 17, 2018 GL LTC Meeting

Staff Reports and Memos

Community Information Meeting

The Galiano Island LTC held an open house and community information meeting on October 17, 2017 to learn about draft antenna siting and consultation procedures and gather input from residents. Click here to see the poster

The following materials were presented at the meeting:

Draft Antenna Systems Siting & Consultation Protocol from September 11, 2017

Local Planning Committee Model Strategy for Antenna Systems

Special Advisory Planning Commission

Please note, survey results are only for online submissions. The SAPC will be providing the handwritten survey results in March.


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