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Galiano Island LTA Resources

Short Term Vacation Rentals

Development Permit Areas

Link to Official Community Plan and Development Permit Maps and Schedules

Unofficial compilation map of develpment permit areas, for convenience only:

Galiano Island Development Permit Area Compilation Map

Applicant Information

Background Information Fact Sheets ~ Development Permit Areas

Ecosystem Mapping

  • The Islands Trust created Ecosystem Mapping of the Islands Trust Area in an effort to encourage land-use decisions that will ensure the continued integrity of these ecosystems.  Read more>>

Climate Change

Community Profile

Shoreline Stewardship

Greening Our Shores Workshop

Integrated Shoreline Mapping

Eelgrass Mapping

Shoreline Tools

Please visit our Reading Room for guides and fact sheets about:

  • Environmentally Friendly Building and Renovating in the Southern Gulf Islands
  • Choosing a Building Site on your Lot
  • Making Changes to your Lot Line
  • Applying for a Variance
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