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Welcome to the Gambier Island Local Trust Area

Gambier Island Local Trust Area is located 10km northwest of Horseshoe Bay near the Sunshine Coast and has a 2016 census population of 247. The 9811 ha land area includes over 30 other islands, such as Keats, Anvil, Bowyer, Passage, North and South Thormanby. The planner for Gambier is Sonja Zupanec.

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Gambier Island Local Trust Committee Latest News 


August 2018 | Expressions of Interest for the Gambier Advisory Planning Commission.

Further information about the Advisory Planning Commission, and how to apply to become a member, is available here.

July 2018 | Gambier APC Meeting to be held on August 9th, 2018

The Gambier Advisory Planning Commission (APC) will be meeting on Thursday, August 9th, 2018 from 1-2:30PM at the Gambier Community Centre. This meeting is regarding proposed Bylaws No. 148 and 149 to amend the Riparian Areas Development Permit Area to protect non-fish bearing watercourses and wetlands on Gambier Island, and to resolve technical issues with the existing Development Permit Area.

More information regarding Riparian Areas Regulation is available here.  


July 2018 | Keats Island Shoreline Protection Project - Presentation and Survey

At the April 19, 2018 LTC regular meeting, the LTC endorsed a Project Charter for the Keats Island Shoreline Protection Project. More information regarding this project is available here. 

A survey regarding this project is available here.

A Community Information Meeting was held on Thursday, July 26, 2018 on Keats Island. A copy of the presentation is available here. A second event will be held in September 2018 (date and time TBD) in the Lower Mainland (location TBD).


July 2018 | 2018 Gambier Island Local Trust Committee Meeting Schedule

View the UPDATED 2018 meeting schedule here.  


Northern Region Housing Needs Assessment and Islands Trust Housing Survey - CLOSED

In early 2018 the Islands Trust Council conducted a housing needs assessment for the Northern Region of the Islands Trust. The survey is now closed and results will be reported to Local Trust Committees in early 2018.

For further information regarding housing in the Islands Trust, please click here.    


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