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Foreshore Protection and Stewardship

In 2013, the Gambier LTC made Foreshore Protection and Stewardship a top priority project. The focus is on developing a range of education and regulatory tools to protect sensitive and highly valued shorelines in the Gambier Local Trust Area.

In 2013-2014, the LTC contracted a number of mapping projects to compile information about shoreline ecosystems. Shoreline type maps were produced for Gambier, Keats, and the Thormanby Islands. Eelgrass mapping was done for all the islands, and Forage Fish Habitat Assessments were completed for Gambier and Keats Islands. 

In 2015, the LTC hosted a Shoreline Development Workshop that brought together local contractors, biologists and engineers, affected property owners, and other government agencies to discuss different approaches to shoreline erosion situations.

Eelgrass Mapping

Forage Fish Habitat Assessments

Shoreline Protection Resources and Factsheets

For more information on the Green Shores for Homes program, see the Trust-wide Green Shores for Homes page 

Shoreline Mapping

Presentations and Educational Workshops

Staff Reports

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