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Gambier Official Community Plan Review

This project looks to do a review of policies in the Gambier Island’s Official Community Plan.

During the scoping of this review, the LTC has identified the following as areas for review:

  • Policies regarding the current Wilderness Conservation (Crown) lands
  • Policies to direct park and trail prioritization
  • Shoreline protection
  • Updating OCP schedules based on more current mapping data
  • Review of Development Permit Areas (including Riparian Areas Regulation)
  • Protection of archaeological and cultural sites
  • Review of advocacy policies
  • Policies to promote economic development
  • Policies to promote liveability and services for island residents
  • Private Institutional (camp) use policies

August 2016 | Results of Community Survey

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the preliminary Gambier OCP Community Survey. The results can be found here.

Project Documents

Official Community Plan Technical Review

Staff conducted a technical review of the existing Official Community Plan to identify issues and opportunities that could potentially be addressed as part of the Official Community Plan review project. Please note that the comments and "edits" throughout this document are simply preliminary observations, and are not recommended changes at this time.

Special Meeting with the Squamish First Nation

Staff Reports


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