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Hornby Island Local Trust Committee News


April 7, 2020 |  March 20th Cancelled Meeting Agenda Items

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, the Hornby LTC cancelled their March 20, 2020 regular business meeting.  The following items from the March 20th agenda may be considered by Resolution Without Meeting:

Bylaw No. 160 – Staff Report for adoption

Screening Officer Policy ( Bylaw Enforcement Notification - BEN) - Staff Report 

March 2020 | Hornby Island Local Trust Committee Meeting March 20, 2020 - CANCELLED

Please be advised that the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee Meeting scheduled for March 20, 2020 has been cancelled due to concerns regarding the COVID-19 virus.   

March 2020 | Public Hearing for Bylaw Nos. 161 (OCP) and 162 (LUB) - CANCELLED

The Public Hearing regarding amendment bylaws 161 (OCP) and 162 (LUB) which was to be held during the regular Hornby LTC meeting on March 20, 2020 at the Room to Grow on Hornby Island has been CANCELLED.

December 2019 | Hornby Island Advisory Planning Commission Meeting

The Hornby Island Advisory Planning Commission will hold a meeting on Friday, December 13, 2019 at 11:00 AM at Room to Grow, 2100 Sollans Road, Hornby Island, BC.  The purpose of the meeting is to review the Vacation Home Rental bylaws in the Hornby Island Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 149 and Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw No. 150.  More information may be found in the meeting agenda. Members of the public are invited to attend as observers.

November 2019 | Hornby Island Local Trust Committee - Proposed Bylaw Enforcement Notification Bylaw No. 159 Information Session

Please join us for an informal presentation and discussion with the Islands Trust Bylaw Compliance & Enforcement Manager, Warren Dingman, on Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 3:00pm.  More information

February 2019 | Hornby Island Water Sustainability Community Workshop

A water sustainability workshop will be held on February 2, 2019 from 2-4pm at New Horizons, 1765 Sollans Road.  Everyone is welcome to attend to hear a presentation by William Shulba, Islands Trust Senior Freshwater Specialist and to discuss challenges and opportunities to achieving water sustainability on Hornby Island. 

July 2018 | Denman Island and Hornby Island Local Trust Committee Inter-governmental meetings with K’ómoks First Nation

At the invitation of the K’ómoks First Nation, the Denman Island and Hornby Island Local Trust Committees (along with some Islands Trust staff) attended a series of three inter-governmental meetings at the K’ómoks First Nation office.

The meetings were held on February 20, March 19, and June 11-12, and aimed to facilitate building stronger inter-governmental relationships between the K’ómoks First Nation and the Islands Trust (and other local governments in the area).

Following the conclusion of the meeting series, the Denman Island and Hornby Island Local Trust Committees shared their thoughts from the meetings with the K’ómoks First Nation. These reflections are available here. 

May 2018 | Enforcement of Vacation Home Rentals

As part of the new “Vacation Home Rental Community Education and Bylaw Compliance Campaign” project, the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee passed a new Standing Resolution at their April 27, 2018 regular business meeting, regarding the enforcement of VHRs on Hornby Island:



that the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee adopt the following Standing Resolution:

“That the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee suspend enforcement actions against unlawful Vacation Home Rentals until January 1, 2019 except where there are issues of health, safety or environmental impact”.


Northern Region Housing Needs Assessment and Islands Trust Housing Survey - CLOSED

In early 2018 the Islands Trust Council conducted a housing needs assessment for the Northern Region of the Islands Trust. The survey is now closed and results will be reported to Local Trust Committees in early 2018.

For further information regarding housing in the Islands Trust, please click here.

June 2017 | Our groundwater, our responsibility – workshop coming to your island

Join Islands Trust and partners for a free workshop on wells and their impacts on groundwater.  Find out the details of a workshop near you.

June 2017 | First Nations and the Islands - Understanding History, Interests, and Relationships

Denman and Hornby Trustees welcome all community members to learn about First Nations history, interests and how our communities can collectively take part in relationship-building.  Hear an informative presentation by Fiona MacRaild, Islands Trust Senior Intergovernmental Policy Advisor on First Nations and Marine Issues, and share your thoughts and ideas in a rich discussion to follow.  Presentations will take place on both Denman and Hornby Islands on June 4, 2017

Hornby Island    2:00 pm, New Horizons, 1765 Sollans Road
Denman Island  7:00 pm, Denman Island Community Hall (Back Hall), 1196 Northwest Road

See more details here.  

March 2017 | Extended Town Hall Session at Hornby Island LTC Business Meeting

On Friday March 31, the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee will host an extended Town Hall session in advance of the scheduled business meeting. The Town Hall session will be from 10:30 to 11:45 and the business meeting will start around noon.  All are invited to speak to, or ask questions of, members of the committee about island land use issues, including the current TELUS proposal for a communications tower. Please keep your questions/comments brief so there is time for all to participate. If you have detailed information to share, please provide it in writing so it can be carefully considered, rather than including it in your oral presentation. We look forward to everyone’s input.​  Click here for meeting details. 

March 2017 | Telus Meeting Notice - March 13, 2017

Click here to view the notice for an upcoming Telus public meeting to be held on Hornby Island on March 13, 2017. 

January 2017 | Hornby Island Advisory Planning Commission

We are looking for up to 3 additional members for the Hornby Island Advisory Planning Commission. A key task in the coming year will be to provide focused advice for the Vacation Home Rentals review.  Please submit expressions of interest by January 26, 2017

September 2016 | Notice to Waive Public Hearing

NOTICE is hereby given that the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee is waiving a public hearing for proposed Bylaw No. 153, cited as “Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw, 2014, Amendment No. 1, 2016".  Read the full Notice here >>> 

June 2016| Bylaw Nos. 151 and 152 

Hornby Island Bylaw Nos. 151 and No. 152 were given final reading and adopted at the June 10, 2016 meeting of the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee (LTC). The intent and purpose of Bylaw Nos. 151 and 152 is to facilitate the implementation of the Provincial Riparian Areas Regulation. 

May 2016 | OCP and LUB Community Information Meeting

A Special Meeting for the purpose of holding a Community Information Meeting on the recently updated Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw was held on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 from 3:00 to 4:30 PM and 7:30 to 9:00 PM at the Hornby Island Community Hall, 4305 Central Road. Click here for more information on the OCP and LUB.

February 2016 | Adoption of Bylaw No. 150 (Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw)

Click here to read more about Bylaw No. 150. 

February 2016 | Bylaw No. 150 (Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw)

The Hornby Island Local Trust Committee adopted Bylaw No. 150 at their February 12, 2016 regular meeting.  Bylaw No. 150 is the new zoning bylaw (LUB) which is the regulatory counterpart to Bylaw No. 149, the new Hornby Island Official Community Plan (OCP) which was adopted by Resolution Without Meeting (RWM) on January 27th, 2016.  This represents the last step in a process which began in 2009 as a targeted review of the previous OCP.  These two documents combined help to implement new provisions for secondary suites on larger lots ( and the use of detached units to provide temporary housing ( Other significant features include a revised policy ( which specifies the criteria to be considered for the possible limited expansion of commercial zoning for small scale retail and personal service use and new language in a renamed and revised Section, 6.2 “Community Service Use”, with new policies to encourage community based tenants and businesses. Visit the Bylaws page to view Bylaw No. 150.  

November 2015 | Coastal Douglas Fir Conservation Strategy

At their November 20th regular meeting the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) received a briefing report on the Coastal Douglas-Fir Conservation Strategy.  Trustees supported becoming a signatory to the Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Ecosystems Conservation Partnership Statement of Collaboration.   It is the hope of the LTC to gauge the level of community support for exploring land use planning tools and funding for the strategy- A copy of the strategy and other associated documents may be found, here.

November 2015 | Hornby Island APC

The Hornby Island Local Trust Committee is requesting expressions of interest for positions on the Advisory Planning Commission. The Advisory Planning Commission’s advice is sought on land use matters referred to it by the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee. For more information, click here.

August 2015 | Special LTC Meeting

At a special meeting held on August 31st, the Hornby Island Local Trust Committee considered a development permit application from the Comox Valley Regional District to allow for the construction of the proposed new Hornby Island Fire Hall. Subsequent to a review of the staff report and questions for the consultant team for the project the Local Trust Committee passed a resolution directing staff to issue a development permit. The permit will be issued upon receipt of a revised site plan reflecting minor amendments requested by the LTC to improve clarity. Read More.

The LTC also reviewed materials related to the proposed Ford Cove Harbour expansion as well as the condition of the boat launch near Shingle Spit and the issue of float plane traffic.

Consideration was also given to the provincial Climate Leadership Discussion Paper. Here is a link to the B.C. government's climate action consultation process. Although the initial survey period is now closed, those wishing to provide written submissions about their vision for B.C.'s climate action plan can do so before September 14, 2015. In December, there will be another chance to participate, this time to provide feedback on a more detailed draft plan.

The LTC developed a set of recommendations which have been forwarded to the Ministry of Environment Climate Action Secretariat for consideration in developing options for a draft Climate Leadership Plan.

August 2015 | Special Meeting

At a special meeting on August 19, the Hornby Island local Trust Committee received a late referral regarding proposed Bylaw No. 149. Read More.

December 2014 | Trustee Welcome

We would like to welcome Tony Law and Alex Allen as the returning Trustees for the Hornby Local Trust Area. We are also pleased to announce that Trustee Laura Busheikin from the Denman Local Trust Area will be acting as the chairperson for the Local Trust Committee. You can meet your Local Trust Committee at the first LTC meeting of 2015; please see the adopted 2015 meeting schedule for details.

October 2014 | Bylaws approved

The Executive Committee of the Islands Trust approved proposed Bylaw Nos. 149 (Hornby Island Official Community Plan) and 150 (Hornby Island Land Use Bylaw). Once Ministerial approval is received for Bylaw No 149, both Bylaws can be considered for adoption.

September 2014 | Public Hearing regarding Bylaw No. 149

On September 19, a Public Hearing was held to consider minor amendments requested by the K’omoks First Nation to Proposed Bylaw No. 149. At a business meeting following the hearing, the Local Trust Committee noted that no public input was received at the Public Hearing and gave third reading to Bylaw No. 149. The Bylaw was referred to the Islands Trust Executive Committee and to the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development for approval.

After considering a staff report on the results of community consultation on information and a proposed approach to address to address the Riparian Area Regulation, the Local Trust Committee directed staff to draft bylaws to implement the regulation.

August 2014 | Special Meeting

At a special meeting on August 19, the Hornby Island local Trust Committee received a late referral regarding proposed Bylaw No. 149 (Hornby Island Official Community Plan) from K’omoks First Nation requesting minor changes to the text that would address issues of importance to the First Nation and considered a staff report on the referral. The Committee resolved to rescind third reading of the proposed bylaw, to make amendments to the text and to hold a second public hearing for the amended Bylaw.

July 2014 | Public Hearing

A Public Hearing on the Bylaws 149 and 150 for the proposed OCP and LUB was held on July 11, 2014. Read more.

June 2014 | Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) Open Houses July 3, 10, 17 & 25

The goal of these Open Houses is to provide residents and proerty owners with an opportunity to reveiw the watershed assessment report and mapping, and familiarize themselves with their contents. Read more.

May 2014 | OCP & LUB Open Houses and CIM, May 12, 20 & 28, 2014

Learn about and provide input on the Official Community Plan and Land Use Bylaw and their associated schedules. Join us for these Open Houses on Monday, May 12 and Tuesday, May 20 at 2:00 pm at the New Horizons Hall. Read more.

January 2014 | Updated 2014 Meeting Schedule Now Posted

Hornby Island Local Trust Committee Updated 2014 Meeting Schedule

November 2013 | BC Coastal Ferries Community Engagement

Information flyer regarding 2013 Coastal Ferries Community Engagement ProposalHO LTC Submission for 2013 Coastal Ferries Community Engagement Proposed Service Reductions

October 2013 | Official Community Plan Review

Newsletter Fall 2013

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