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Welcome to the Mayne Island Local Trust Area

The Mayne Island Local Trust Area is located 20 km northeast of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal, and covers an area of 2,320 ha. Census data for 2011 reported a population of 1,071 people in the local trust area. The planner for the Mayne Island Local Trust Area is Gary Richardson.

Mayne Island Local Trust Committee News

June 26, 2017 | LTC Meeting Highlights 

The Local Trust Committee issued a development variance permit (MA-DVP-2017.2 Watson) for the siting of a dwelling.   A community information meeting regarding a temporary use permit (TUP) for the Campbell Bay Music Festival (MA-TUP-2017.1) was held.  The LTC also issued a TUP renewal for the Mayne Island Resort dock (MA-TUP-2017.2) and endorsed recommendations regarding two bylaw enforcement policies as well as approving the 2016-2017 annual report.  


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Mayne Island Local Trust Committee Projects and Initiatives

Local trust committees set their priorities and manage their community planning projects using a work program. Top priority projects on the LTC's work program have resources in place, or resources which will be soon available. Projects may be significant and long term, such as an Official Community Plan Review, or relatively minor, such as an amendment to a regulation in a Land Use Bylaw.  For more information on current projects - Read more >>

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