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Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

The largest of the southern Gulf Islands, Salt Spring is home to over 10,000 people and is one of Canada's top tourism and retirement destinations. The Salt Spring Island trust area enjoys one of the warmest year-round climates in Canada, and is popular for its easy-going lifestyle, rich culture and serene beauty. Encompassing nearly 20,000 hectares and including numerous islets, the Local Trust Area is located 11 kilometres north of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal on Vancouver Island. The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area is home to some of the rarest ecosystems in the world. To learn about the conservation status of the Salt spring Island Local Trust Area, view the island profile.

Important Information: North Salt Spring Waterworks District Water Supply Statement

 For Building Permits for Salt Spring Island (within the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District) please submit a Building Permit Review Form and required documents electronically.



Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News 

August 28, 2019 | Salt Spring Island LTC Takes Legal Action on Unlawful STVR

news release  was issued stating the SSI LTC has authorized legal action be taken against the owner of an unlawful short-term vacation rental (STVR).


August 27, 2019 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC approved issuance of SS-DVP-2019.3 (64 McKenzie Crescent), SS-TUP-2019.5 (Lower Ganges Road), and SS-DVP-2019.1 (200 Collins Road). The SSI LTC denied issuance of SS-TUP-2019.1 (784 Vesuvius Bay Road) and SS-DVP-2018.15 (119 & 121 Cairns Road). The SSI LTC adopted Bylaw No. 513 and Bylaw No. 507, as amended (132 Corbett Road - Croftonbrook). Bylaw No. 510 was read for a third time and Bylaw No. 511 was amended and forwarded both Bylaws to Executive Committee and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing for approval (155 Rainbow Road). SS-DVP-2018.17 (2621 & 2661 Fulford-Ganges Road) and the Strategic Priorities 2018-2022 were referred to the APC for comment. The SSI LTC directed staff to schedule a Special Business Meeting for SS-RZ-2018.4 (154 Kings Lane). The SSI LTC rescinded resolution SS-2017-120 and adopted a new standing resolution regarding Short-Term Vacation Rentals and also directed staff to draft a Bylaw regarding cannabis regulations.


July 8, 2019 | Planner Enquiry Hours

Salt Spring Island Office Planner Enquiry Hours Will Be Held: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday - Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays).
To make an appointment please call: 250-537-9144 or email:


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