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Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

The largest of the southern Gulf Islands, Salt Spring is home to over 10,000 people and is one of Canada's top tourism and retirement destinations. The Salt Spring Island trust area enjoys one of the warmest year-round climates in Canada, and is popular for its easy-going lifestyle, rich culture and serene beauty. Encompassing nearly 20,000 hectares and including numerous islets, the Local Trust Area is located 11 kilometres north of the Swartz Bay ferry terminal on Vancouver Island. The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area is home to some of the rarest ecosystems in the world. To learn about the conservation status of the Salt spring Island Local Trust Area, view the island profile.

Important Information: North Salt Spring Waterworks District Water Supply Statement

 For Building Permits for Salt Spring Island (within the jurisdiction of the Capital Regional District) please submit a Building Permit Review Form and required documents electronically.



Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News 

October 29, 2019 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC approved issuance of SS-DP-2019.6 (118 Jackson Avenue) and SS-DP-2019.7 (183 Beaver Point Road) and approved issuance of SS-DVP-2019.4 (381 Toynbee Road), as amended. SS-LCB-2019.3 (110-150 Fulford-Ganges Road) was forwarded to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) with comment. Bylaw No. 520 (SS-RZ-2018.3, 377 Seymour Heights Road) was given first reading and referred to external agencies. Additionally, an easement for SSI Fire Rescue, a conservation covenant requested and several resolutions were made regarding water and sewerage. Bylaw No. 519 (SS-RZ-2019.2, 127 Lower Ganges Road) was given first reading, was referred to external agencies and roadway safety was discussed. Additionally, the SSI LTC directed staff to schedule a Public Hearing. The SSI LTC approved the OCP Update Project Charter, as amended, and directed staff to undertake the project work plan. The Groundwater Recharge Potential Mapping report was received. The SSI LTC gave first reading to Bylaw No. 518 (Regulation of Cannabis Production) and referred it to the APC and AAPC as well as external agencies and interest groups and staff were directed to schedule a Community Information Meeting. The SSI LTC supported the CRD to apply for, receive and manage UBCM grant funding to complete a housing needs report partnership with the SSI LTC and granted permission to Salt Spring Community Services to increase rental rates for 8 of 24 units in order to meet conditions set out in the BC Housing Operating Agreement and to discharge two covenants for Lot 3 Bishops Walk Road.


October 1, 2019 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights

The SSI LTC approved issuance of SS-DP-2019.5 (141 Bishops Walk Road) and adopted Bylaw No.498 and Bylaw No.499, as amended (SS-RZ-2017.1, 347 Bridgman Road), referring the staff report to the Local Planning Committee for consideration. The SSI LTC directed staff to amend Bylaw No. 512 (Affordable Rental Housing - Cottages Project) with amendments including but not limited to; removal of properties in the Shoreline Conservation OCP designation, installation of rainwater catchment infrastructure, prohibiting bed-and-breakfast home-based businesses in full-time rental cottages, and prohibiting full-time rentals in cottages on properties that contain a secondary suite. The SSI LTC removed Ganges Village Planning Harbourwalk from its Top Priorities, replacing it with Regulation of Cannabis Production and endorsed SSI LTC Development Approvals Information Bylaw No. 175 and referred it to Trust Council. 


July 8, 2019 | Planner Enquiry Hours

Salt Spring Island Office Planner Enquiry Hours Will Be Held: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Monday - Friday (excluding Statutory Holidays).
To make an appointment please call: 250-537-9144 or email:


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