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Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

A bylaw to establish regulations and requirements respecting the use of land, including the surface of water, the use, siting and size of buildings and structures, the provision of parking, landscaping, screening, signs, and the subdivision of land within the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area.

Salt Spring Island Land Use Bylaw No. 355


   General Area of Coverage

   Salt Spring Island 
   Ganges and Fulford Villages

   Northern area of Salt Spring Island (including the north part of St. Mary Lake) 
   Booth Bay and surrounding areas
   Ganges and Long Harbours and surrounding areas (including Ganges) 
   Burgoyne Bay and surrounding areas
   Fulford Harbour and surrounding areas (including Fulford Village)
   Southern area of Salt Spring Island 
   Channel Ridge Subdivision Blocks 
   Secondary Suites Map 
   Sewage Disposal Field/Drinking Water Well Setback Map 
   Presence of Eelgrass

Proposed Bylaw Amendments

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