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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News

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  • April 4, 2019 | New Bylaws to Protect Drinking Water on Salt Spring Island: The SSILTC has adopted two bylaws that will help maintain water quality in the Island’s drinking water lakes while also respecting the role that farming plays in the island’s culture and economy. Read More >>


  • March 26, 2019 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights: The SSI LTC amended Proposed Bylaws 488, 489 and 490 (Industrial Lands Review Project) and requested the public hearing notification be mailed to property owners within 100 metres of any properties proposed for rezoning and directed staff to schedule a community information meeting at least one week prior to the public hearing;  Confirmed that a Place of Interment is a permitted use for 2100 Fulford-Ganges Road;  Accepted a Water Treatment System Covenant and referred the DVP and Subdivision applications for 210 Norton Road to the APC and AAPC;  Approved the front lot line DVP for 310 Old Scott Road;  Adopted bylaw 508 for - 121 Upper Ganges Road (Harbour House Hotel);  Forwarded the ALR application for 360 Upper Ganges Road to the ALC with conditions and support;  Approved issuance of the rear lot line setback DVP for 148 Lyoness Drive.


  • February 26, 2019 | SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights: The SSI LTC amended Bylaw 512 (Affordable Rental Housing - Cottages) was and requested staff schedule a Public Hearing; Allocated $5,000 from the Water Sustainability budget to identify Community Aquifer Recharge Areas; Requested the Islands Trust have the opportunity to review and comment on the Terms of Reference for Integrated Water Management; Adopted Bylaws 496 & 487 (Agriculture in Rural Watershed Zones); Referred the proposed CREST VHF tower at 120 Blain Road to the APC; Received 2 notices regarding Cannabis Licensing; Read Bylaw No. 515 (GISRA - 154 Kings Lane) a second time and referred it to the CRD Ganges Sewer Commission, re-referred it to Island Health, requested an Archaeological Impact Overview, and approved, in principle, the draft housing agreement; Approved the Development Permit for 210 Norton Road; and, Accepted the water treatment and storm water management covenants for the 370 Baker Road subdivision application.


  • January 26, 2019 | Community Information Meeting &Town Hall: The SSI LTC has proposed a Special Property Tax Requisition of $98,500 to continue funding collaborative watershed management on the Island through the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance (SSIWPA).  On Saturday, January 26, come learn more about the proposed tax requisition, SSIWPA's work, and share your thoughts with the Local Trust Committee ahead of the LTC's final recommendation to Islands Trust Council on the matter.  For more information, click here.
  • January 29, 2019 ​| SSI LTC Regular Meeting Highlights: A Public Hearing was held for Proposed Bylaws 510 and 511 regarding 155 Rainbow Road. The SSI LTC directed staff to schedule a Special Business meeting to consult the public about strategic directions for the 2018-2022 term; Approved the SSIWPA Special Property Tax Requisition Request for Decision and authorized staff to forward it to Islands Trust Council; Received four Notices regarding Federal Cannabis Licencing; Approved the DVPs for 123 Ashya Road, 289 & 293 Armand Way, and 108 Walker's Hook Road; Approved the DPs and DVPs for Lot 3 Bishop's Walk (Salt Spring Commons) and 161 Fulford-Ganges Road; Denied the DVPs for 185 Grantville Street and 400 Long Harbour Road; and Requested staff work with the applicants regarding rezoning applications for 377 Seymour Heights Road and 2188 North End Road.


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