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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News

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  • July 28, 2020 | SSI LTC Electronic Regular Meeting Highlights:
    • rescinded resolution SS-2020-085 referring draft permits and correspondence related to SS-DP-2020.3 and SS-DVP-2020.5 to the APC and approved issuance of SS-DVP-2020.5 and SS-DP-2020.3 conditional upon receipt of a Letter of Undertaking from the applicant’s lawyer regarding the registration of the Statutory Right of Way (132 Corbett Road).
    • approved issuance of SS-DP-2020.2 and SS-DVP-2020.4 (374 Lower Ganges Road).
    • approved issuance of SS-DP-2018.15 (281 Beaver Point Road) and accepted two amended covenants requiring treatment of water and restricting further subdivision from the registered owners and designated any member of the LTC to sign the covenants. Also accepted the amount of $15,000 as cash in lieu of park land and park land dedication in accordance with the plan shown.
    • approved issuance of SS-DP-2020.4 (250 Furness Road) and accepted a covenant restricting use and prohibiting further subdivision and disposition of the common property separate from the strata lots from the registered owners and designated any member of the LTC to sign the covenant.
    • approved issuance of SS-DP-2020.5 (121 Seaview Avenue) conditional upon receipt of a report from an environmental monitor confirming the hay bale and silt filter fences have been installed in accordance with and satisfy permit conditions.
    • directed staff to amend the Protection of Coastal Douglas-Fir and Associated Ecosystems Project to add the following: “collaborate with community groups, conservation groups, and individuals to advance a broad set of tools for protection of the Coastal Douglas-fir Zone”; and, “develop suitable project performance measures and monitor outcomes”.
    • Endorsed Protection of Coastal Douglas-Fir and Associated Ecosystems Project and transferred $1,000 in project funds from its Regulation of Cannabis Production Project budget to the Protection of Coastal Douglas-fir and Associated Ecosystems Project.
    • noted use of unspent special property tax requisition funds for water sustainability projects should be based on recommendations from the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance.
    • adopted Bylaw No. 488, 489 and 490 and directed staff to execute the implementation plan for adoption of Bylaw No. 488, 489 and 490 described in the staff report of July 28, 2020.
    • added Waste Transfer and Commercial Truck/Heavy Equipment Storage to the LTC Projects List.
    • not to enforce Covenant EW25260 2004-03-02 conditional upon the development being in significant conformity with the Salt Spring Island Rainbow Road Multipurpose Room Site Plan dated June 24, 2020.
    • directed staff to draft a letter from the Chair addressed to key vacation rental platforms informing them of local bylaws and requesting that they immediately remove properties that contravene these bylaws, especially entire homes, in an effort to reinforce bylaws and control the spread of COVID-19.

July 28, 2020 | Electronic SSI LTC Regular Business Meeting

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