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Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee News



  • December 6, 2018 The SSI LTC:  Directed staff to conduct a public strategic planning session to identify LTC priorities;  Assigned Bylaw 471 as a Special Project;  Advanced the Watershed project and requested staff schedule a community information meeting on the property tax requisition for coordination of SSIWPA;  Re-referred the Industrial Lands Bylaws to select agencies;  Added “Protecting the Coastal Douglas-fir Zone and Associated Ecosystems Tool Kit” to the projects list;  and Requested that Notices of Intention to apply for a Federal Cannabis License be included in LTC meeting agendas. The SSI LTC requested:  a Public Hearing be scheduled for 155 Rainbow Road and requested the applicant for 161 Fulford-Ganges Road work with the BC Archaeology Branch to place a Notice of Heritage Status on title. The SSI LTC approved: a dock at 416 Old Scott Road;  removal of a heritage apple tree at 125 Rainbow Road;  the siting of a picnic shelter at 355 Blackburn Road;  a Soil Deposit and Removal Permit  for 170 Jones Road (with conditions);  and the setback variance at 195 Head Street. They deferred the variance application for 185 Grantville Street.


  • October 18, 2018 | The SSI LTC:  Requested a special property tax requisition for up to $98,500 to fund coordination of Watershed Management in the 2019/2020 fiscal year;   Endorsed the 2018 Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance strategic planning project;   Amended and adopted Bylaw 514 regarding Fee Amendments for Non-Medical Cannabis Retail License Application Fees and Other Minor Fee Bylaw Amendments;   Directed staff to forward the staff report regarding Short Term Vacation Rental Enforcement to the next SSI LTC;  Referred the DP for 118 Jackson Avenue to the SSI APC; and Deferred several items.
  •  The SSILTC voted to cancel the October 16, 2018 Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing for Bylaws 488, 489 and 490.   Industrial Land Use Project Page 


  • September 27, 2018 | The SSI LTC:  Approved the revised Affordable Rental Housing – Cottages Project Charter, read Bylaw 512 a first time, Referred it to the APC, AAPC, agencies and First Nations, and requested staff engage a legal review and schedule a Community Information Meeting;   Regarding the Industrial Lands Review Bylaws 488, 489 and 490 - rescinded and amended Bylaw 488, amended Bylaws 489 and 490, read all 3 a second time and directed staff to schedule a Community Information Meeting and public hearing for the Bylaws;   Read Bylaw 514 (increase the proposed Non-Medical Cannabis Retail License Application Fee from $3,400 to $4000.) a third time and asked that it be forwarded for approval;  Received a memorandum regarding a Crown Lease Referral for Booth Bay Shellfish Aquaculture Tenure application. Predator netting information will be included for future applications;   Regarding a rezoning application for 34 affordable dwelling units and office use at 132 Corbett Road, SSI (Croftonbrook) , the LTC: accepted a Sec. 219 covenant, amended and read Bylaw No. 507 a third time and requested it be forwarded for approval. Conditions must be fulfilled before adoption of Bylaw 507. The SSI LTC read Bylaw 513, a first, second, and third time and forwarded it for approval. Further on 132 Corbett Road, a DP for 22 dwelling units in a two-storey apartment building was approved with conditions; Read Bylaw No. 515 (regarding a Land Use Bylaw amendment for 47 seniors affordable dwelling units at 154 Kings Lane) a first time and referred it to agencies, community groups, and First Nations;   requested that the applicant for 133, 177 & 201 Suneagle Drive submit watershed analysis report;   and Approved issuance of a DP with conditions for 185 Grantville Street and deferred issuance of the DVP pending further information;  approved issuance of the DP for 370 Baker Road and exempted the subdivision from the 10% minimum lot frontage.
  • To allow staff and the applicant to explore further options, the SSI LTC deferred consideration of the application for 1257 Isabella Point Road to convert two previously occupied residential buildings from single title to two building strata lots; and, regarding an application to convert a previously occupied residential duplex at 162 Maliview Drive from single title to two building strata lots, the SSI LTC approved the application in principal subject to conditions. 


  • August 16, 2018 | Public Hearings were held for Proposed Bylaws 500 and 501 - 270 Furness Road and Proposed Bylaws 498 and 499 - 347 Bridgman Road.
  • August 16, 2018 | The SSI LTC: Rescinded 2nd and 3rd readings of Bylaws 489 and 490 (Industrial Lands Review Project), amended them and directed staff to review Bylaws 488, 489 and 490 for technical soundness and to recommended revisions before the bylaws are further advanced; Received a memorandum regarding the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance (SSIWPA) Annual Report 2017; Received a staff report regarding Regulation of Cannabis Production and Retail Sales and Non-Medical Cannabis Retail License Application Fees; adopted resolutions regarding the processing of applications; and requested staff prepare a fees bylaw for Liquor Control and Licensing Branch non-medical cannabis retail license applications; Deferred the DVP for 123 Ashya Rd until the owner complies with the requirements for a previous application; Approved the DVP for the siting of a garage within the setbacks at 181 Main St; Approved the DP and DVP (2611 Fulford Ganges Rd) to permit installation of a bridge across Fulford Creek; Approved the DP to permit a washroom facility at the Vesuvius Ferry Terminal; Read Bylaws No. 498 and 499 (347 Bridgman Rd) a third time and asked they be forwarded for approval; and Amended Bylaw 500 and read it, and Bylaw 501, a third time to permit a brewery on a Rural zoned lot at 270 Furness Rd and forwarded them for approval.   The SSI LTC also: Amended Bylaw 511 and read Bylaws 510 and 511 (regarding a proposed Rezoning from Residential 6 to Commercial 2(c) for 155 Rainbow Rd) a first time and referred them to agencies, First Nations, the APC and the AAPC and directed staff to work with the applicant toward developing solutions to addressing issues related to parking and commercial loading on the subject property; and Authorized a tree removal request for 169 Seymour Hts and requested staff report on the implications of reducing lot ratio currently set in Rural Upland, and report on options to covenants to protect trees in rural upland areas.   Based on information provided about the proposed occupation by the applicant, the SSI LTC is satisfied that lands for the Croftonbrook expansion (132 Corbett Rd) provide a suitable supply of potable water. The SSILTC will advise the Trust Programs Committee that the SSILTC has experienced barriers to engaging service providers/other agencies when addressing various issues, and the SSILTC requested Chair Luckham and staff meet with Cowichan Tribes regarding Harbour House Hotel rezoning decisions. 


  • July 11, 2018 | Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing for Bylaw 507 (Croftonbrook)
    -which amends Section 9.9 - Residential Zones, of the Salt Spring Island Land use Bylaw to: 
    • Permit a maximum of 74 dwelling units, with a minimum of 34 affordable housing dwelling units; 
    • Permit office use. 
    Community Information Meeting Wednesday July 11th, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. with the Public Hearing following at 6:30 p.m. Public Hearing Notice


  • June 7, 2018 | The SSI LTC held a Community Information Meeting (CIM) and Public Hearing (PH) for Proposed Bylaw 508 - an application for a proposed LUB amendment and rezoning to permit up to 55 commercial guest accommodation units and up to 3 accessory dwelling units at 121 Upper Ganges Road (Harbour House Hotel). Later in the meeting, the LTC concluded that existing building setbacks are sufficient and no additional vegetative buffer should be required as a condition of bylaw adoption. They then amended and read Bylaw 508 a third time and asked that it be forwarded to EC for approval. 
    The LTC also amended and gave second reading to Proposed Bylaw 507 for Croftonbrook - a rezoning application to allow 34 affordable dwelling units and office use at 132 Corbett Road - and requested staff schedule a CIM and a PH for Bylaw 507. The LTC also moved the bylaw be adopted when conditions have been fulfilled and approved in principle the draft covenant and the draft housing agreements.
    The LTC: Approved issuance of the DP for 1482 Fulford-Ganges Road, exempted the proposed lots from the 10% frontage requirements and accepted $25,500 in lieu of park land; and endorsed staff entering into a Cost Recovery Agreement with Gulf Islands Seniors Residence Association for purposes of providing dedicated planning services for 154 Kings Lane.


  • May 10, 2018 | The SSI LTC: prioritized the Industrial Land Uses Project with a view to completing the legislation within the current term; directed staff to submit a statutory right-of-way application to FLNRO that would allow for the eventual construction and operation of the Ganges Harbourwalk; directed staff to draft an OCP amendment and a Commercial 2 zone variant regarding 155 Rainbow Road area that limits lot coverage, authorizes dwelling units, and makes existing siting non-conformities lawful; approved SS-DP-2018.4 for 121 Upper Ganges Road (Harbour House Hotel), requested the applicant work with the Malahat First Nation, and asked staff to schedule a Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing for Bylaw 508; and, regarding the subdivision of 118 Jackson Avenue, exempted proposed Lot 1 of subdivision SS-SUB-2017.1 from the frontage requirements and requested the applicant submit a vegetation plan and a revised storm water drainage plan.
    The Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee adopted a policy statement on affordable housing that outlines the measures the LTC has taken to tackle the housing issue and the context in which those measures operate in terms of public and environmental safety. SSI LTC looks forward to working in partnership with the community to tackle this issue which impacts on everyone on Salt Spring whether directly or indirectly.


  • April 19, 2018 | Approximately 120 members of the public attended the afternoon session of the meeting and, during the Town Hall session, many expressed concern about the lack of affordable housing on Salt Spring Island. The SSI LTC: approved the DVP for 234 Scott Point Drive regarding an encroachment into the setback from the natural boundary of the sea; deferred consideration of the DVP for 195 Head Street pending planting of a privacy screen; referred Bylaw No. 507 regarding the Croftonbrook application (132 Corbett Road) to the APC; and adopted Bylaw No. 509 regarding the Salt Spring Tennis Association application for 805 Lower Ganges Road.
  • April 4, 2018 | Call for Volunteers |The Salt Spring Island (LTC) welcomes applications for its Advisory Planning Commissions and Board of Variance. APC and AAPC members serve for terms of up to 2 years and meet up to 12 times per year on Thursday afternoons. Board of Variance members serve for three year terms and meet when applications are received (typically less than once per year). More information on Advisory Planning Commissions and Board of Variance.  


  • March 29, 2018 | The SSI LTC held a Community Information Meeting and Public Hearing for 805 Lower Ganges Road. Proposed Bylaw 509 was read a third time as amended and will be forwarded for approval. 
    The SSI LTC also: amended the Rural Watershed Uses proposed Bylaws 487 and 496 and read them a third time and asked they be forwarded for approval; Referred SS-ALR-2017.2 - 255 Musgrave Road to the SSI Agricultural Advisory Planning Commission; Provided comments about hours, noise and parking to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch for SS-LCB-2018.2 - Salt Spring Wild Cider House and Distillery Ltd on 151 Sharp Road; and Read Bylaws 500 and 501 a second time and requested staff schedule a Public Hearing for SS-RZ-2016.4 - Gulf Island Brewing Ltd. - 270 Furness Road.
  • March 1, 2018 | SSI LTC amended Bylaw No. 509 (805 Lower Ganges Road) LUB Amendment and rezoning to allow for additional recreational uses and deferred the Public Hearing for proposed to the March 29, 2018 meeting. Ganges Harbourwalk project, (Proposed Bylaw No. 491), the LTC: supported the principle of the LTC submitting an application to the Ministry of FLNRO for a Right-of-Way for the harbourwalk and directed staff write FLNRO to advise that an application is likely forthcoming and ask they suspend renewal of the (Ganges Marina) lease to such time that the application has been processed to conclusion; and directed staff inform CRD staff regarding the actions taken. The LTC amended Bylaw 489 and gave 3rd reading to Proposed Bylaws 488, 489, 490 - Industrial Lands project and requested staff engage in secondary public consultations with the affected property owners to identify any outstanding concerns. 347 Bridgman Road - an OCP amendment and rezoning from Commercial Accommodation to Rural zone variant. The LTC read Bylaws 498 and 499 a first time and requested staff refer them to agencies and First Nations. The LTC encouraged the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance prioritize mapping the aquifer(s) in the vicinity of Vesuvius/Channel Ridge and asked that they investigate the possibility of metering all properties that draw water from St. Mary Lake so that an accurate account of overall water draw off from the lake can be obtained.


  • February 16, 2018 | A public hearing has been scheduled to review the three proposed bylaws for the implementation of the Industrial Lands Project. Further information on this project may be found on the project page.
  • February 8, 2018 | Public Hearing scheduled - Changes to agricultural policies and the regulation of farming in Rural Watershed 1 and 2 Zones. Further information available on the project page.
  • February 1, 2018 | Tax Requisition - Freshwater sustainability is a top priority for Islands Trust Council and the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee (LTC) for the upcoming 2018/2019 fiscal year. Coordinated watershed management is essential to achieving freshwater sustainability on Salt Spring Island. The LTC has asked Trust Council to approve a $98,500 property tax requisition for the ongoing coordination of the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance (SSIWPA) and to continue the development of an Integrated Watershed Management Program​. Please see this FAQ and backgrounder on the work of SSIWPA. For more information, please visit the LTC Watershed Management Project page, the SSIWPA website or contact


  • January 18, 2018 | SSILTC Regular Meeting Highlights - The SSI LTC received the “Approval Processes for Water Supply Systems on Salt Spring Island” report and requested it be forwarded to Executive Committee for information. The SSILTC also directed staff to incorporate some of the report requirements into the DAI bylaw being drafted.  Later, the SSI LTC approved issuance of DP SS-DP-2017.14 to install a septic system and a 675 square foot modular home at 150 Terminus Street and read bylaw 509 a second time and requested staff schedule a Public Hearing for a rezoning application to permit an additional indoor and outdoor tennis court at 805 Lower Ganges Road.
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