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Industrial Land Uses


PROJECT UPDATE: At its March 1, 2018 meeting, the LTC gave third reading to Bylaws 488, 489 and 490. At that meeting, the LTC also directed staff to undertake additional consultations with affected property owners. Since that time, staff have been meeting with the owners of land proposed for rezoning through this project to ensure that those owners understand the potential changes in how their land may be used.  

This project was initiated when the LTC received a staff report at their August 30, 2012 regular meeting which provided recommendations for the scope of work for the implementation of the Industrial Task Force recommendations. Subsequently, since that initial report, the LTC has been in receipt of over a dozen additional reports as this project has developed and matured. The purpose of this project is to enhance community economic stability by addressing the needs for commercial and industrial land uses for the next 25 years.

While copies of Staff Reports, Correspondence, Bylaws, and other documents are available on this project page, the complete Public Hearing Information Binder is available for viewing at the Islands Trust Salt Spring Office.

Staff Reports, Bylaws, Correspondence


Commissioned Reports

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IAPC Draft Report July 15 65%

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