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Thetis Island LTC Current Applications

This page includes current rezoning applications, as well as other significant applications. For a complete list of all open applications and their status, see the most current Thetis Island Local Trust Committee agenda package on the Meeting Calendar, Agendas and Minutes page and view the 'Applications with Status Report' which can be found within the 'Reports' section of each agenda package.

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Cypress Land Services Inc. (TELUS)

Referral application that proposes to construct a new 50.0 metre self support tower (plus lightning rod) at 155 Pilkey Point Road, Thetis Island. This proposal is separate and different than the proposal received by the Local Trust Committee (LTC) in August 2018 (see below for TH-OTH-2018.1).The LTC is not the approving authority for telecommunication antenna structures. Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (previously Industry Canada) is the approving authority for the development and operation of radiocommunication in Canada, including telecommunication antenna structures, pursuant to the Radiocommunication Act.  As part of the application process, the LTC and the public must be consulted for input regarding the proposed placement of a telecommunication antenna structure.  The LTC performs three main functions for the public consultation. These are:
  • to scrutinize the consultation process
  • to clarify and communicate land use policies in relation to antenna structures
  • to concur on the proposal regarding land use planning and siting  
In cases where an LTC would not support a proposal, it cannot prevent a proponent from ultimately gaining permission from Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to install a telecommunication antenna structure. For additional information regarding the wireless telecommunications process, please see consult Client Procedures Circular CPC-2-0-03 and Facts about Towers

Cypress Land Services Inc. (TELUS)

Referral application that proposes to construct a new 22.0 metre tower with a 4-foot microwave dish at Pilkey Point Road, Thetis Island. The Local Trust Committee (LTC) provided concurrence on December 11, 2018.For more information about the proposal, click on the application number above.

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