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Salt Spring Island Considers Incorporation

Salt Spring Island Incorporation Vote

On March 13, 2017 the Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development ordered a municipal incorporation vote for Salt Spring Island electors on September 9, 2017. Information on the ballot question, who votes, when and where to vote and elector qualifications/registration is available on the Capital Regional District website.

The decision followed the November 21, 2016 submission of a final report and recommendation by the community-led Incorporation Study Committee (ISC) that the minister proceed with a referendum on the island.

As the September 9, 2017 referendum date draws closer, Islands Trust is getting a lot of questions and interest from people trying to understand the impacts of the vote on the Islands Trust and on governance on Salt Spring Island in general.

Answers to some of the common questions. Where it would not be appropriate for Islands Trust to answer a question, we have provided links to the sources best suited to answer them.

Islands Trust Plans for Potential Incorporation

On September 14, 2016 Trust Council approved a plan for how the Islands Trust would adapt in the first six months after a possible “Yes” vote to incorporate Salt Spring Island.

The Transition Plan answers questions that Salt Spring Island and Trust Area residents have been asking about how the Islands Trust would adapt to an annual budget shortfall of $540,000 in the event Salt Spring Island incorporates.

The Transition Plan provides a baseline for a more detailed Adaptation Strategy and action plan for the long-term implications, and indeed the viability of Islands Trust as an organization, if Salt Spring incorporates.


background and chronology of key milestones in the process is also available.

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