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Islands Trust Budget

Islands Trust 2019/20 Budget Process 

Thank you for your feedback on the Islands Trust Council's 2019/20 draft budget.

We received 178 responses to our online survey, a new record. We also received 37 emails commenting on the draft budget. Thank you!

What happens to your feedback?

Feedback received by February 11th will be forwarded to Islands Trust Council’s Financial Planning Committee to consider as it makes its final budget recommendations to Trust Council. Trust Council will approve the final budget at its quarterly meeting, March 12 -14 on Gabriola Island.

Please note: All feedback will be included in public documents (subject to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation) and posted to the Islands Trust website.

For more information on the work of the Islands Trust and the Islands Trust Conservancy consider reviewing the 2017/18 Annual Report.

Budget Highlights

The proposed budget numbers are subject to change before final approval by at its quarterly meeting, March 12–14, 2018 on Gabriola Island.

View breakdown of the budget numbers here.

If you are completing the survey, please note that the following budget information is also included in the survey itself.

Presenting a balanced budget is a legislated requirement for Islands Trust, meaning planned revenues and planned spending must agree. In situations where planned spending is higher than planned revenues, additional funding must be sought, typically by way of a tax increase or a draw from surplus funds.

In the 2018/19 budget, Trust Council chose to draw heavily on surplus funds to balance the budget ($605,000). In the draft 2019/20 budget, Trust Council is proposing to draw less funds from surplus ($249,000) and fund the remaining balance via a tax increase of 2%. This ensures the surplus fund remains healthy for the future. Highlights of the 2019/20 budget as compared to the previous year include:

  • a total proposed budget of $7.89 million
  • 3% decrease in total expenditures from the 2018/19 budget
  • 59% decrease in the amount of funds being spent from the Surplus Fund
  • 2% projected tax increase overall for the Islands Trust Area (other than Bowen Island
  • 13% projected increase in Bowen Island Municipal tax levy, resulting in a contribution of $332,658, an increase of $38,725
  • 2% wage increase for all union staff per the BCGEU Collective Agreement
  • 1.95% increase in expenses to pay for the newly legislated provincial health tax
  • 2% increase to trustee remuneration (per Policy 7.2.1 on Trustee Remuneration and the anticipated rate of inflation for 2018; to be verified when updated information is made available by Stats Canada).

Where your tax dollars will go

The work of the Islands Trust can be broken down into three broad categories:

  • Local Planning Services / Local Trust Committees 71% ($5,630,000), Ongoing maintenance of official community plans (20 in place), processing of applications such as rezoning and development permits, community information meetings about land use planning, public hearings on proposed bylaws, and enforcement of bylaws
  • Trust Council / Regional 18% ($1,381,000) Trust Area-wide policy, Trust Council and council committee meetings, finance, information services, communications, advocacy, strategic planning, and intergovernmental relations
  • Islands Trust Conservancy / Conservation 11% ($871,000) Protecting land through conservation covenants and nature reserves. 

The draft budget is based on the assumption that existing service levels will be maintained and that Islands Trust will proceed with the following initiatives:

  • Funds allocated towards Strategic Plan project work to be undertaken by Trust Programs Committee and Local Planning Committee over the course of the year
  • Community, First Nation, and referral agency engagement for the Policy Statement amendment project
  • Community engagement on potential Islands Trust Act amendments
  • Islands Trust digital and online communications/engagement improvements (e.g. new website(s), apps, engagement software)
  • Electronic document management and photo management projects
  • Continuation of the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Authority funded by a special property tax requisition levied in the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area

The draft budget will also support the following staffing changes:

  • New temporary staff position, Covenant Monitoring and Outreach Specialist
  • One-year extension of the Freshwater Specialist staff position


For the coming fiscal year, the Islands Trust is proposing that funding come from the following sources:


In order to limit the 2019/20 tax increase to 2%, and to continue offering the services and programs requested by islanders and required by the Province, the Islands Trust is proposing to take $249,000 from the General Revenue Surplus Fund. This would leave the Fund at $1.9 million (approx. 101% of the recommended minimum balance per Policy).

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