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Islands Trust Budget

Islands Trust 2021-22 Budget 

Thank you to all who provided feedback on Islands Trust Council's 2021-22 budget proposal. Trust Council received all public feedback in the March 2021 Trust Council package prior to debating and approving the budget. Your input was heard and considered carefully when we made final decisions on the budget that will guide the coming year’s work. 

We received 941 responses to our online survey. A further 12 submissions arrived via email. Thank you for participating!

View the results of the 2021-22 Budget Survey and Email Report

Approved Budget

At the electronic March 2021 Trust Council meeting, Trust Council approved the following budget:

Budget Highlights

This year, Islands Trust is grateful to have received a record $563,000 in grants in support of Islands Trust Conservancy’s work and the Regional Freshwater Sustainability project.

The approved operating and projects budget for 2021/22 ($9,059,919) assumes that Islands Trust will maintain existing land use planning service levels, add a full-time bylaw enforcement officer, a temporary community communications specialist, a freshwater co-op student, a Conservancy species at risk program coordinator, and a Conservancy co-op field technician, and will implement the following initiatives from Trust Council’s 2018-2022 Strategic Plan:

  • Islands Trust governance and management review
  • Islands Trust Policy Statement update that includes engagement with First Nations, the public, and referral agencies
  • Technology investments for online streaming of Islands Trust in-person public meetings to foster transparency and public engagement
  • Completion of a freshwater sustainability strategy for the Trust Area and implementation of freshwater projects for select local trust areas
  • Development of heritage preservation overlay mapping
  • Continued groundwater mapping and development of water budgets for groundwater aquifers in the Trust Area
  • Continued mapping of eelgrass beds in the Trust Area
  • Development of model bylaws for local trust committees and Bowen Island Municipality that address groundwater use, rainwater catchment, and greywater recycling to promote freshwater sustainability
  • Development of model bylaws for local trust committees and Bowen Island Municipality that exchange bonus density for affordable housing
  • Development of model development permit areas for local trust committees and Bowen Island Municipality to protect Coastal Douglas-fir and associated ecosystems throughout the Trust Area
  • Delivery of a secretariat program which gives administrative support to regional coordination groups
  • Development of climate change indicators specific to the Trust Area
  • Delivery of a stewardship education program
  • In addition, Trust Council will continue to implement its Reconciliation Action Plan.

View breakdown of the budget numbers.

Revenue: Where Our Money Comes From

In the fiscal year running April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022, the Islands Trust will source funding from:

  • Property taxes in local trust areas
  • Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area special tax levy
  • Bowen Island municipal property tax levy
  • Grant funding
  • Applications fees (development permits and rezoning applications)
  • Transfers from Islands Trust accumulated surplus funds

Salt Spring Island Special Tax Levy

A special property tax levy is a mechanism by which the Islands Trust funds a special initiative taking place in a single local trust area through a tax levied on property owners only in that local trust area.

This taxing power can be used when a local trust committee wishes to undertake a large initiative with local significance or to take on additional operations. Since 2014, the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Committee has funded, through a special local tax requisition, the Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance to support work related to the preservation and protection of freshwater resources on Salt Spring Island. The special property tax requisition has been approved for $75,500 to continue to fund the coordination of community, government, and non-government organizations working together in 2021/22 to develop a framework and strategy to protect watersheds and preserve drinking water sources on Salt Spring Island.

Salt Spring Island Watershed Protection Alliance Backgrounder

Expenditures: Where Our Money is spent

The Islands Trust preserves and protects the Trust Area through environmentally sound land use planning, land protection through the Islands Trust Conservancy, and working locally and across agencies to collaborate, plan, and advocate on important matters in our jurisdiction.

Highlights of the approved 2021-22 budget:

  • 3.5% ($237,617) tax increase overall for the Islands Trust Area (other than Bowen Island Municipality), plus 0.87% ($59,013) in new tax funds from new development and construction
  • 2.7% ($8,167) tax requisition increase to Bowen Island Municipality; of this amount, 1.08% ($3,273) is expected to come from new development and construction
  • $563,000 of overall budget funded by approved grant funding
  • $657,660 draw from accumulated surplus funds to pay for:
    • Strategic Plan projects, including $75,000 for a Council-directed review of Islands Trust governance and management
    • Local trust committee projects ($204,000)
    • Salt Spring Island local trust committee freshwater projects ($80,000)
  • $548,458 increase in total operating expenditures (including expenditures covered by grant funding), which includes the following:
  • $411,992 increase in salaries and benefits costs due mainly to five new staff positions (a full-time bylaw enforcement officer, a temporary part-time community communications specialist, two grant-funded positions to support a new Islands Trust Conservancy species-at-risk program, and a temporary fresh-water co-op student position) and staff wage increases per union agreements and BC Public Service policies, which includes a 2.0% wage increase for all union staff and an up-to 2.0% wage increase for excluded staff
    • 1% increase to trustee base remuneration. Learn more.
    • $253,500 increase in local trust committee project spending, mainly associated with work in the Salt Spring Island Local Trust Area for Ganges Village planning, a housing action program, a Coastal Douglas-fir ecosystem protection project, freshwater projects associated with SSIWPA, as well as grant-funded freshwater projects on Hornby and Lasqueti Islands
    • $78,000 increase in amortization expense, which is a non-cash expense that is not funded by Trust taxation
    • $172,750 increase in spending associated with the Strategic Plan projects
    • $53,742 increase to insurance and legal costs
  • $65,400 reduction in spending for capital assets

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News Release

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