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Tips for Addressing Council

The Islands Trust Council provides time at its quarterly meetings for members of the public to present their opinions and suggestions on matters that are related to the Islands Trust. These are called delegations.

This page includes some suggestions to help make your presentation to council successful.

Relevant Topics

The Islands Trust Council addresses broad issues for the trust area, such as area-wide policies, budget, the Islands Trust mandate and provincial legislation. To be most effective, please focus your presentation on specific issues rather than on personal criticism of individuals. Please note that the role of council is not to overrule the local land use decisions made by your Local Trust Committee or Island Municipality.

If your concerns are related to a decision made by your Local Trust Committee or Island Municipality, you are encouraged to contact the committee directly via mail, phone or e-mail.


All petitions, delegation materials (full Power Point presentations) and correspondence must be reviewed by Executive Committee prior to the Trust Council meeting. 

Your presentation must include your name, organization represented (if any), your address, phone number, fax or e-mail address, the date you are making your presentation and a title specific to the subject being addressed. Locate this information on the top left corner of the first page of your document.  

Please number the pages to allow readers to follow your presentation more easily.


Council receives many requests from delegations. For everyone to be heard, each speaker is allowed ten minutes, at the discretion of the Chair.

The maximum length of your document, based on a ten-minute presentation, should be about three pages, single-spaced in an easy to read font size.


You will be required to submit your full presentation for inclusion in the Trust Council agenda package, (i.e. PowerPoint, speaking notes) in order to address Council.  Take note of submission deadlines for the meeting you are attending.  

November 10, 2020 is the submissions deadline for the December 1-3, 2020 Trust Council meeting. 

Send submissions to: Lori Foster, Executive Coordinator
Email:   Telephone: (250) 450-5161


Take a slow, deep breath before you begin your presentation - it will help to relax you. Try not to speak too quickly. Remember, council is interested in what you are saying and wants you to make a successful presentation. As trustees will have received a copy of your written presentation, your verbal presentation to Council will have more impact if you use your time to highlight your essential points, rather than reading your presentation.

Trustees may ask you questions after your presentation.

Sharing Your Presentation

In order to share information and encourage communication throughout the Trust Area, your submission is considered a public record and will be available to members of the public as presented in the agenda package, or upon request. However, the Islands Trust reserves the right not to distribute material that includes incorrect or defamatory statements.

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