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Climate Change

What Effect does Climate Change Have on the Islands Trust Area?

Within the Islands Trust Area, climate change is having noticeable impacts, including:

  • More extreme winter and summer temperatures;
  • More extreme dry spells that result in drought and watershed concerns;
  • Warmer ocean temperatures which can result in species migration changes, and shellfish safety warnings;
  • More extreme weather events that result in flooding, wind damage, and erosion; and
  • Sea level rise that may result in erosion and damage to archaeological sites and structures.

Islands Trust Area Ecosystems Play an Important Role in Mitigating Climate Change

The forests and eelgrass in the Islands Trust Area play a significant regional role in mitigating climate change. Through protecting and stewarding forests and eelgrass, Islands Trust Area communities and landowners have an important role in preventing climate change.

Carbon Sequestration

Islands Trust Area forests sequesters 190,506 tonnes of carbon per year, which equates to emissions from 40,240 passenger vehicles per year. If forests in the region are maintained, the Islands Trust Area has the capacity to be a major sink for carbon produced in the region.

Acting Locally to Help Transform the Future

Protecting the forests is only part of the equation in helping to reduce climate change.

Islanders are leading the way on climate action. Not only do we own electric cars at record-setting levels, we are also purchasing solar panels in bulk, and advocating for low-carbon transportation networks.

Many local trust committee, Bowen Island Municipality, and Islands Trust Conservancy decisions and projects support a transition to a low carbon future. Islands Trust climate actions are summarized in our annual climate action report

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