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Green Shores for Homes

Green Shores for Homes is a cross border program between the Islands Trust, San Juan County and the City of Seattle working together to develop tools to encourage shoreline property owners to protect shorelines using more softer “green” approaches. 

In its initial stage, the Green Shores for Homes program has included integrated shoreline and watershed mapping for the major islands in the Trust Area. The interpretative maps illustrate shoreline types, valued shoreline features, and ecologically sensitive shorelines. The maps were presented to island communities at the 2013 “Greening our Shores” workshop series, along with information about the Green Shores for Homes program. Community based conservation efforts in eelgrass and forage fish mapping were also presented.

Over the past two years, the cross-border group has been developing a voluntary credit rating system to help property owners evaluate their shoreline options and to incentivize better shoreline stewardship.

In June 2014, Thetis Island hosted a Green Shores Scenarios Workshop that brought together local contractors, biologists and engineers, affected property owners, other government agencies, and realtors to explore three sites on Thetis Island dealing with different shoreline erosion situations. Each of the site groups were led by a technical professional with experience in Green Shores techniques who helped the groups to design pragmatic solutions that were ecologically sensitive and affordable. The hands-on day provided participants with a better understanding of the feasibility of pursuing softer shoreline approaches.

Stay tuned for updates on the program!


Green Shores Scenarios Workshop on Thetis - June 13, 2014

Part One - Practicalities of the Green Shores Approach Video  
Part Two - Sunrise Point Talk Video  
Part Three - Reporting Back Video 



Integrated Shoreline & Watershed Maps

Green Shores for Homes

Shoreline and Marine Conservation


We gratefully acknowledge the support provided for the Green Shores for Homes project by the following funders:

Real Estate Foundation of BC

Stewardship Centre for BC

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium


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