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Legislative Monitoring Report

Staff provide Trust Council with a quarterly summary of past and/or proposed external regulatory changes that could directly affect Islands Trust operations, local trust committee/island municipality bylaws or regulations, or Strategic Plan projects.

Caveat: The reports are provided for convenience only and are not to be construed as legal documents or as legal advice.

The legislative monitoring reports typically include:

  • Planned legislation
  • Legislation in process
  • Legislation in effect
  • Court decisions
  • New resources
  • Discussion/Planning/Islands Trust Conservancy Board (ITCB) related advocacy topics
  • Environmental assessment processes in/near the Trust Area
  • Legislative change requests from Islands Trust bodies
  • Status of treaty negotiations in the Trust Area

The reports are developed using a range of sources, including Union of British Columbia Municipality publications, the websites of the Legislative Assembly of B.C. and the Parliament of Canada, provincial and federal news releases, the Canada Gazette and a variety of websites and RSS news feeds.


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