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Water Resource Information for Islanders

What is Water Sustainability? 

Lakes, streams, springs, ponds, wetlands, and aquifers in the Islands Trust Area form freshwater networks that sustain people, ecosystems, and economies.

Water sustainability is the ability of island communities to preserve freshwater networks by protecting watersheds and aquifer ecosystems.

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What are the challenges and opportunities to water sustainability in the Islands Trust Area?

Water sustainability is a shared responsibility. 

In 2016, a significant number of islanders (41%) said they sometimes worry about their household running out of fresh water. (State-of-the-Islands: Interim Report).

Islands Trust is coordinating with organizations to address water sustainability through land use planning, intergovernmental policy coordination, advocacy, and freshwater education. 

On March 22, 2018, World Water Day, Islands Trust hosted a Freshwater Forum to support water literacy and address community freshwater challenges. Islands Trust engages in workshops and community information meetings with respect to water sustainability initiatives. 

How can Islands Trust and Local Trust Committees help?

Local Trust Committees can help ensure freshwater sustainability by enabling evidence-based land use planning tools focused on water management and watershed protection. 


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