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Visitor Information Posters

Would you like a poster to display?

Art posters with conservation message for visitors to the Islands Trust Area are available free of charge to businesses and locations frequented by visitors, and to all island residents.

ITposter -final -Stofer ITposter -final -Olesko ITposter -final -Bowles

Conserve Water
by Dawn Stofer,
Denman Island

by Darlene Olesko,
Lasqueti Island

One for All, All for One
by Debbie Bowles,
Mayne Island

Three unique posters are available in three sizes: 8.5 X 11" Or 11 X 17" Or 4" X 9" (rack cards). Click on the link below each poster to view a full-size poster.

The posters are intended to encourage sustainable tourism by reinforcing values that are critical to the long-term conservation of the Islands Trust Area. The posters provide information about the unique nature of the area, particularly water and habitat conservation. The posters also provide an opportunity to promote the rich artistic culture of the region by showcasing island artwork in the poster design.

Work by three artists was selected in an art competition sponsored by the Islands Trust in 2009. Dawn Stofer of Denman Island, Debbie Bowles of Mayne Island and Darlene Olesko of Lasqueti Island had their work selected for the posters by a judging panel.

The Islands Trust received a grant from the Union of British Columbia Municipalities to undertake this project.

Posters are available free of charge from the Islands Trust offices:

Victoria Office
200 - 1627 Fort St
Victoria, BC
V8R 1H8
Main: (250) 405-5151 Fax: (250) 405-5155 General Enquiry

Northern Office
700 North Rd
Gabriola Island, BC
V0R 1X3
Main: (250) 247-2063 Fax: (250) 247-7514 General Enquiry

Salt Spring Office
1-500 Lower Ganges Rd
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2N8
Main: (250) 537-9144 Fax: (250) 537-9116 General Enquiry

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