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Council sets priorities for 2018-2022

The Islands Trust Council 2018-2022 Strategic Plan was adopted on December 4, 2019 on Lekwungen treaty and traditional territory, Victoria, British Columbia.

Trust Council will focus on the following five areas, each supported by a number of objectives and strategies: 1.) Land Stewardship 2.) Marine and Freshwater Stewardship 3.) Climate Change 4.) Community and Communication 5.) Governance


   Strategic Planning, Trust Council June 2019, Galiano Island 

The Islands Trust Council's priorities are guided by the Islands Trust Act, the Islands Trust Policy Statement, by advice from each of council's three standing committees, the Islands Trust Conservancy Board, local trust committees, Bowen Island Municipality and by public input now and throughout the term.

Trust Council's work is grounded in the principle of effective, efficient and collaborative governance and in the three primary goals of the Islands Trust Policy Statement: 1) ecosystem preservation and protection; 2) stewardship of island resources; 3) sustain island character and healthy communities. 

Previous Terms:

2014-2018 Strategic Plan
2011-2014 Strategic Plan 
2008-2011 Strategic Plan

What next?

The strategic plan will provide a focus for work programs throughout the Islands Trust and will form a basis for budget preparations for future fiscal years. Trust Council will receive quarterly updates from staff about progress in achieving its strategic plan, and will consider changes to the strategic plan based on changing circumstances and ongoing public input.

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